My name is Hiro, born in Oahu, raised in Tokyo for most of my life, and I’m a graduate from The University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelors in English Literature. As an English Literature major, I was trained to observe our world, absorb all realms of behavior and emotion from fictional characters, and holistically analyze the author’s conceptual and contextual vision of the society we live in.

My passion for English Literature (and inevitably Design) comes from my utmost respect for art, nature, humanity, and technology. Having the opportunity of connecting with other (privileged & unprivileged) humans from previous, present, and future generations through literature and words, taught me one vital skill; Empathy. A skill for all designers that increments the ability to visualize and transcend themselves into the mind & body of the fictional characters, users of digital products, the critically ill patients who are in need of care.

What made me strive to become a Designer? It happened to be during my last semester at Cal, when I stumbled upon the UI Design Showcase held at the Jacobs Institute of Design towards the end of my college life, and I can genuinely say at that moment I fell in love with both the functionality and the creative aspect of today’s innovative products shared between nature, humans, and machines. It was a eureka moment that this was the life path I wanted to devote & pursue, and an opportunity for me to serve and give back to society as an earthling.