• ponocrave

ios mobile app for ordering food-truck meals



Ponocrave is a mobile app that enable users to locate food trucks near them, pre-order, and pay online.


Hungry food-truck lovers had a hard time looking for user-centric mobile apps that allow them to navigate new food trucks, pre-order and order online.



  • convenience of time, travel, distance, location
  • pay online
  • see nutritional facts
  • favorite bars
  • merge with social media account
  • history of orders
  • allergy notifications
  • easy to use when "hangry"
  • customizable meals
  • filter capability
  • basic information of food truck (hours/address)
  • reviews of food truck & meal
  • updated menu
  • pictures of meal
  • price of meal

The list above are a mixture of the necessities, wishes, and wants I gathered from a survey as a first step for my research for Ponocrave.


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Empathically debriefing three individuals and understanding their unique bio’s & backgrounds, as well as listening to their preferences & pain-points gave me confidence on my goals.


The next step was to create two stories. Each story had their own main characters (the user & the returning user) and I simply layed out the plots.


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The last step was to create the flows, a more detail-oriented version of the stories. It helped me visualize the action of the main characters while on Ponocrave.



  • In Hawaii, turtles (honu) are considered as guardian spirits & are great navigators at finding their home when lost in the sea.
  • I wanted users to feel like they’re at home.
  • Turtle looks like a food-truck.
  • Shell resembles the exterior design of the kitchen (inside) where the chefs cook.
  • Wheel resembles the tires of an automobile vehicle.
  • End-goal was to create a logo that was playful, welcoming, & delightful to see.
  • Living the pono way of life in Hawaii means, living in conscious decision to do the right thing for the self, others, and the environment.
  • Inspired me to create a food-truck app that provides customers the healthiest, non-gmo, & organic alternatives.
  • Incorporating two colors (green & blue) that resemble our mother nature, the ocean & forest, can educate and bring awareness in appreciating nature and convince more people to follow a natural & sustainable way of life.
  • I chose Avenir as my main typography, because of its modern & crisp tone that transcends to our eyes.



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Throughout the whole LO-FI phase, my goal was to simply focus only on laying out the basic architecture of each page on Ponocrave. The purpose of LO-FI was to make sure the user was able to visually identify and execute the correct commands without the designer’s assistance. What really helped me during this process was to imagine the user as a toddler or a senior citizen, who had little experience with digital devices.


During the HI-FI phase, my goal was to visually encrypt the design I made during the LO-FI phase, and polish it up with circular shapes and patterns that resembles warmth, sustainability, and naturalism. Colors of mother nature were implemented, but it also embodied the essence of a modern and technological movement, in my sense. My end goal was to incorporate a simple & minimal theme of design into Ponocrave, yet also have a playful and soft approach for new users.

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Review of Negative Feedbacks (User Testing & User Feedback)

  • Size of the ADD/MINUS button was too small.
  • Images for the menu were too small.
  • Add more visual product information and ratings from other customers on Ponocrave to add credibility.
  • Add a favorite icon to save the meals for future preferences.

Solution of Negative Feedbacks

  • Made the ADD/MINUS button a lot bigger for the purpose of user-centricity.
  • Added more photos of the food posted by previous buyers to show that the food is popular amongst Ponocravers.
  • Added the favorite-button in case customer really "liked" the meal, but thought it was nice for next time.

It was frankly a pleasure to work with my mentor on this project because I was able to incorporate some important issues and values such as sustainability and an organic way of life. Although my main focus for this assignment was to build a "user-centric" food truck app from scratch, it was a pleasure to also be an eco-educator, which is a caliber that personally means a lot to me as an earthling.